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Powering Solutions Made Easy with Eaton Powerware

Eaton is a well-known name in the backup power management industry. It has been a long-serving company that provides comprehensive power quality. Their DC power systems, UPSs, and a variety of other products and services have been a boon to the companies that require backup power management.

UPS users always wanted a reliable power backup source that would last for a significantly long time. With Eaton Powerware, that purpose has been solved. The Eaton UPSs is a beast and once it was installed to the overall unit, there was no looking back at power failure issues. One of the reasons why the UPSs serve for a long time is because they are sturdy. They are small enough to fit underneath any system and works after a single reboot.

Another reason why the Eaton Powerware has had global significance is that they work on both older and newer powerstreams. Compared to what you pay and what you get, the UPSs are a real bargain for any user. It is mainly because the company has dug deep into the power management solutions and has come up with high-quality UPSs that are suitable for a wide range of users.

Unexpected power surges have proved to be a reason for concern in many industries. But, with the emergence of UPSs from Eaton, these concerns have been well addressed. They come with a double-conversion topology that enables consistent power conditioning. A big reason for the huge success is the fact that the UPSs have an efficiency of more than 93%. This is far more than any other UPSs from other companies. The designs of the UPSs were also spot on. They had the ability to help to promote complete business continuity.

Most of the UPSs had a graphical LCD display that showed the local status updates. The display unit also could be used as a comprehensive rackmount. You can combine it for better compatibility and receptivity when there is a wider range of configurations. The reason why the UPSs from Eaton lasted longer than usual is that of their battery management capabilities. It came with a unique ABM technology that increased the service life of a battery by as much as 50%. With its 3-stage charging ability, you can expect the batteries to serve for a long time. In case there was a need for battery replacement, the screen would provide advance warning so that you have enough time to replace the batteries.