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3 Techniques All Interior Painters Victoria BC Should Know to Paint Like A Pro

Is it a long time since you changed the color of your walls or had them painted? Are you getting bored with your current color scheme and want to renovate your house? If yes, then you seriously need to look for the best interior painters Victoria BC.

The best interior painters Victoria BC would know the best practices and techniques for painting. Make sure to hire the most skillful interior painters Victoria BC as the interior of a house is a bit difficult to paint than its exterior. So, the following are a few tips for all interior painters Victoria BC which they need to follow to paint like an expert.

  1. Avoid Lap Marks

Are you wondering what lap marks are? Lap marks are those untidy layers of paint which arise due to the uneven painting off the wall. The best solution to that is to keep a wet edge. For this, you should begin your stroke by starting it from the previous one which is still wet.

  1. Always Start with The Trim

This means that you should always paint the trim first and then proceed to the walls and the roof. This is a good practice as it will help you to tape the trim and then paint the walls.

  1. Clean Dirty Parts of The Walls

Now, why is this necessary? I mean you will eventually paint the wall, and this will cover up the walls. Right? Well, that’s not the case actually because applying paint over dirty surfaces will make the paint come off quite easily and it will not last long. So, always do the cleaning before painting.

The three techniques mentioned above are entirely necessary for all interior painters Victoria BC to follow and practice if you want to do interior painting in the best way.