Information About USA ESTA Visa

If you are intending to be traveling to the US, either on business issues or like a tourist, for the visit which lasts less than 90 days, then you need to apply for the USA ESTA visa. Citizens of the countries within the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) can obtain this EUSTA visa so as to travel to or from the US. The USA visa ESTA visa is operated by the Government Department of US for the Homeland Security. The ESTA visa applications can only be made through the internet.

If you need multiple ESTA visas for the family, partner or group of friends then you will complete all the applications as one when using this type of service. Once you have completed your data in that form, you will get an option where you will add other travelers.
The travelers with the citizenship of the countries which are eligible for seeking admission to the US through ESTA can use USA ESTA visa. You need to know that further requirements are relevant for the eligibility of ESTA visa.

In ESTA visa website, visitors from the US who’re seeking to submit the instant ESTA travel application authorization online can submit the application using the following steps.

• You need to fill out and then complete the application online where you then double check the passport number together with the country of passport-issuing.
• Confirm data for every traveler
• Submit your applications
• Make the payment
• You will be emailed with the application status when the decision is being reached by the CBP.


After an instant data, you can check the application being processed and you will get your US ESTA visa authorization through the email. The successful application can take around five minutes for the completion. The multi-lingual support which is by telephone and email is available for the ESTA applicants who need the assistance.

The ESTA Processing Information
The approved USA ESTA visa waiver authorization can be delivered through email, within one hour after you have submitted your application. The validity of ESTA visa will be for two years, or the expiry date of the passport, whichever that come first. You will be reminded when the ESTA visa is about to expire.

Here are some services which are available to those who submit the USA ESTA visa applications;

• Instant ESTA processing
• Data verification and review
• Immediate update of status regarding the ESTA application
• Real-time notification status by the email
• 24-hour support through telephone and email